Nathan Crooker is an accomplished filmmaker and screenwriter who helms from Leominster, Massachusetts, a small working-class town in the shadows of Boston. There he developed an interest in narrative and visual storytelling with an authentic and raw cinematic style.

Nathan first gained recognition in the film industry as an actor. At the 2005 Sundance Film Festival, the premiere of his performance as Jake Cassavettes, the lead in "This Revolution" starring opposite Rosario Dawson and Amy Redford, garnered rave reviews from Variety.

He then turned his attention to being behind the camera as a director of photography on various documentaries including the critically acclaimed "Holy Wars" directed by Smuggler Films’ Stephen Marshall. Filmed in the heart of the Middle East and Southeast Asia, “Holy Wars” allowed Nathan to marry his passion for film, impactful storytelling and adventure-driven travel. Before the trend of travel and food shows, Nathan was documenting untold experiences in locations such as Palestine, Sierra Leone, Iran, and the cocaine jungles of Peru.

Nathan has since developed an extensive career as a film, commercial and music video director with a vision that spans all styles and genres, reflecting his wide-ranging interests. He is also a seasoned cinematographer, editor and producer. His prolific collection of work includes high profile clients such as Chase, Hearst, GQ, New Balance, Nabisco, Dell, Canon, Bergdorf Goodman, RCA Records and Epic Records.

Earlier this year, Nathan's latest short film, a thought-provoking sci-fi drama titled Consciousness, premiered at the Festival de Cannes. In 2015 Nathan’s horror short film, Playback, which he directed, wrote and produced, went viral with over 500,000 views in just two days. Shot in one-take, Playback won for Best Thriller at Fargo Fantastic Fest 2015 and has been an official selection at festivals across the country and globe, including the 2016 Nashville Film Festival, the 2015 Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, Freak Show Horror Film Festival, New York Horror Film Festival, Big Apple Film Festival, The UK’s One Shot Movie Festival, and Mexico's Morbido Film Festival.  

Currently Nathan is in development as a writer and director on several features and webseries projects. He lives in New York City's Greenwich Village.